National Park Velebit

On the southern side of the greatest Croatian mountain chain Velebit is National Park Paklenica consisting of 2 parts: Paklenica big and Paklenica small.

Between the rough mountains you'll find deep canyons like Anic Kuk (about 400 meters deep) and splendid caves like the Manita cave going about 175 meters inside the mountains. It is an untouched rough rocky area and  ideal for walking. You will find many unexpected possibilities for hiking like a trip to Vaganski Vrh at a height of 1758 meters. There are trips for starters and experienced hikers.

In the National Park there are also possibilities for mountenering. For bikers there are more or less constructed tracks which make the park ideal for training purposes.

Painters are frequently visiting the park for the many differences in colour and the special effects of light and shadow. The park is on the UNESCO  list of protected nature parks.