One of the most pitoresk towns of Dalmatia is Trogir, about 20 km north of Split. The old city center on an island which is connected to the mainland by bridge and consists of that much cultural monuments and collections of art from all deceniums that Trogir is called “Museumtown” . The small streets and allies are paved with several hundred years old stones so that you imagine yourself completely in the Middle Ages. The many loggia's are nowadays  changed to terraces and restaurants where it is great to relax.

Trogir was founded by the Greeks ( about 300 BC) and became afterwards an important Roman harbour. From the 9th century Trogir was occupied by a sequence of  rulers amongst which Venice, France and the Austrian-Habsburg dynasty, who left their marks which can be seen today. 

The boulevard of Trogir is splendid and is used as a meating place for both citizens and tourists due to the many terraces and restaurants to sit and see and to be seen. In summerseason the most beautifull and big (super)yachts are mooring here. Almost every yacht from the harbours of Cannes, Monaco en St. Tropez in wintertime are sailing along the Croation coast with all the islands in summer. Not surprizingly because with  the airport Split at a few kilometers distance it is the ideal boarding place for a lot of famous worldcitizens.

Trogir has a lot to offer for amusement and entertainment. Besides the hundreds of terraces and restaurants in summer there is a program with cultural activities like concerts in the fortress Kamerlengo and the townhall and many activities in open air on the boulevard and elsewhere with a great variety. 

From Seget Vranjica you can go in summerseason by boat to the boulevard of Trogir starting at 09.00 hours till about 23.00 hours. Over the bridge on the other side you can take a boat going to the boulevard of Split.