Omis is the center for a lot of sportive activities such as :

RAFTING through  the many rapids per canoe or rubber dinghy

CANYONING, a rough hiking tour through and along the river with swimming and climbing 

MOUNTAINERING for beginners or  with little experience

ZIP LINE , going over the canyon by 8 steel cables at maximum 65 km. per hour about 150 meters above the ground.


All this activities are organized in the area where long ago big parts of the movies Winnetou en Old Shatterhand were filmed. How adventurous do you want it?

You can find a lot of information and you can book at the sites: 




Since 2014 there is a Zipline in Omis. This spectacular sportive activity gives a boost of adrenaline and you will remember it for a long time. Reaching speed up to 65 kmph and a total length of 2100 meter divided over 8 lines. The longest line is about 700 meters. It is a combination of long, short and fast lines and is one of the biggest in the world to enjoy the splendid sights of the Cetina river and the canyon. 
Of course safety is in first place. All instructors are members of the rescue squad and do have a lot of experience. The equipment is of high quality and is checked before each ride.
You start with instruction and safety training for everybody whether you are experienced or not. The guides are pleasant and patient and are giving perfect information. Then follows a short training on a short line and up you go for a unique experience to fly over the canyon. Training and equipment are included in the price. You have to bring hiking shoes and a rucksack with minimum of 1 liter water. In consideration you can bring a camera. The total trip will take about 4 hours.


In summerseason there are rafting trips on ther river Cetina in the morning and in the afternoon. In about 3 hours you will ride the fast flowing river over a length of about 8 km. with rapids and small waterfalls in a very rocky surrounding. On the way you have to walk a little piece in order to pass a bigger waterfall. Highlight is the part of the canyon with the steep upgoing mountain. Rafting gives you the best look on the canyon through which the river is flowing.


There are several places with rock face where experts can teach beginners to learn to climb. These experts also do have some interesting places for experienced mountaineers. 


Hiking the rough, rugged terrain with a guide. Besides walking small rocky pathes Canyoning also includes passing the river several times and climbing some pieces. This by far is the best way to come in contact with the overwhelming nature but some condition is necessary.