Trogir is a harmonic town of stone on an island connected by bridges to the mainland and the island of  ─îiovo. The old citycenter, under protection of UNESCO, is a real treasure box for environment lovers with buildings in renaissance and barok style and romanic churches.
It is called museumtown partly because of the famous portal of the cathedral made by master Radovan in 1240, the renaissance townloggia and the thousand year old monastery of Saint Nikola, where the famous relief of the antique God Kairos from the 4th century AC  is kept. Small, narrow streets and little squares, numerous restaurants, cafes, terraces, souvenir shops and galeries give this little town an ancient, mediterranic atmoshere. A perfect place for lots of cultural and music events in summertime.

Boulevard Split


Split has a rich history showing off in all ancient and medieval monuments of the town. Especially the center of the town with the former summerpalace of Roman emperor Diocletianus, the cathedral, the big square and the open air theatre Perestil brings you back in time.
The history of the town is also to be found in the many musea of Split like the town museum, the maritime museum and the splendid museum of the sculptor Mestrovic.
The summerpalace of Diocletianus was build in the year 305 AC en still does have many original spaces from that time. The main entrance you find through the bronze gate from the magnificant boulevard of Split.

The main square, the Narodni Trg



In Solin you can find the archeological excavation of the by the Romans founded town Salona.

An authentic fortress on top of a hill with a superb view over the town Split and the Adriatic Sea can be found in Klis. Very much worthwhile  visiting, also because this a major film setting from The game of Thrones.

Cathedral Sibenik


Sibenik is a coastal town with a historic town center and some cultural sights. Especially the architecture and the interior of the cathedral of Sibenik are very much worthwhile to visit.

In Zadar you can dance on solar energy and is the boulevard making music. The installation Pozdrav suncu 


Dubrovnik is called the pearl of the Adriatic Sea. Everything in this town shows the history of more than thousand years. It is a museumtown and a lively podium for artists, an ideal mixture of history and modern times. The town is surrounded by 1940 m. medievel townwalls, mostly in the original state. These walls are open for the public and are therefor the biggest attraction for tourists. As from 1979 the whole town is under protection from UNESCO.

Dubrovnik is especially a cultural attraction where you can find a treasure of monuments but also lots of cultural events and festivals. 

Dubrovnik really is a place to enjoy a vacation, fascinating, to fall in love with and to return every time again to experience the unique atmosphere and everything there is to explore.