Not to be missed in Sibenik is the St. John's cathedral, build between 1431 en 1535. This cathedral is an example of exchanging monumental art and architecture between the north of Italy, Dalmatia and Toscany in the 15th and 16th century. Three architects - Francesco di Giacomo, Juraj Dalmatinac and Nikola Firentinac - developped a way of building completedly in stone with a unique technical construction for the dome of the cathedral. The result is a harmony of stone simular to the building method and  absolute harmony within the cathedral.

Also the 2 fortresses and the harbour of Sibenik are worthwhile visiting. On the page daytrips you will find the raptor centre in Sibenik.


Besides the "normal"  sights like the old city center and the cathedral in Zadar you can dance on solar energy and is the boulevard making music.

The installation Pozdrav suncu (Greeting of the sun) of architect Nikola Basic in daytime looks like a big circle of glas. When it gets darker this circle changes to an unique dancefloor, lighted by solar energy.

In the treds of the boulevard more than 35 orgue pipes are hidden which makes an enormous musical instrument: Morske orgulje (the Sea Organ). If the wind from sea blows through the pipes you hear the strangest sounds, something you can't explain, this you have to hear for yourself!