National Park Plitvice

The National Park Plitvice is situated on the former main road from Zagreb via Karlovac, Slunj, Plitvice, Udbina en Gracac to Split. Since opening the highway on the route Zagreb-Split this road does have less traffic but is still as attractive as before. Greatly recommended if you have the time and want to see the authentic Croatian inland.

The sixteen lakes of Plitvice, lying in a row and between every lake either a waterfall or a rapid make together a wonder of nature pronounced National Park in 1949 and put on the UNESCO list of world heritage in 1979. 

The Park consists of an area of about  22.000 m2 and the height difference from high to low is about 156 m.
Here you find a variety of wildlife such as deer, bears, wolves, lynches and wild boars. Bird watchers can spend days and days in Plitvice.

There are 2 entrances where you have to choose from 6 routes with different lenghts.  Included are a ride with a little train and a trip with a boat. You allways can return to the entrance. Both entrances do have big parking lots. Entrance 1 is for the northern part of the park, the part with the higher waterfalls of which the highest is 56 m.

For the southern part of the Park you go to entrance 2 where you among others find Lake Kozjak where you can go to the other side with an electrical boat. The southern part is more flat and ideal for hiking. 

If you want to see it all in a relaxed way you need at least a day. The shortest tour will take you about 3 hours, the longest about 6 hours.

The Park is also open in winter. With snow and ice you will consider yourself in a fairy tale. Absolute splendid.

Whenever you go good walking shoes are allways a neccessity and you are advised to allways bring drinking water.